1- Acceptance of the Rules of Use
Dear User,

It is important that you carefully read all the terms and conditions in this contract. Media organization belongs to the owner, management, operation and management of this site. To this website; It can be reached from the web address The terms and conditions contained in this contract determine the terms and conditions regarding the access and use of the website. Your access to and use of this site means that you accept this contract and are bound by the rules of this contract. If you do not accept the written terms and conditions stated in this contract and you do not want to adhere to these rules, you should not access or use this site. If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions, rules, instructions and operation of this site, which is managed by Medya Group, your only legal way is not to continue using this site. Medya Grup has the right to change and update this contract at any time.

2- Not Accepting Responsibility
This site and its contents are provided for your use. By logging in and using this site, you assume the risks associated with the use of the site.

Although Medya Grup content and content of the site is not limited to those listed here;
(a) is accurate, reliable, appropriate and appropriate,
(b) the information, data, software, products or services used in its content are commercially available;
(c) the operation and administration of the website will be error-free and uninterrupted,
(d) defects and defects will be corrected,
(e) does not make any suggestions and recommendations that the website is free from harmful elements and viruses, and does not provide the user with any statements or warranties.

3- Linking to Third Party Websites
For your convenience, this site provides links to third parties ‘websites and provides access, however, this does not mean that the content of such third parties’ websites has been approved by Medya Grup. Again, it should not be understood that the accuracy and reliability of the web content of the links provided by third parties to the site is approved by Medya Group.

Media Group; although the content of third party websites is not limited to those listed here;
(a) legal, accurate, reliable, appropriate and appropriate,
(b) the information, data, software, products or services used in its content are commercially available;
(c) the operation and administration of the website will be error-free and uninterrupted,
(d) defects, defects and defects will be corrected,
(e) does not make any suggestions and recommendations that the website is free from harmful elements and viruses, and does not give the user any confidence, declaration or guarantee in these matters.

Although Media Group promotes links to this website, it does not permit linking, accessing or making such links from third parties with the following content in this paragraph: Content is unlawful, daunting, threatening, insulting. any kind of information that is in the nature, that is unethical, indecent, unprotective, degrading, defamatory, abusive, pornographic, staining, and so on, but not limited to what is listed here, which may be punishable and incite or promote crime or violate national and international laws. racism, bigotry, hatred, and all kinds of messages, words, behaviors, and broadcasts, and the message, broadcasting, or any information that may undermine the reputation and reliability of the Media Group or harm their business and actions, Any physical damage and injury to any group or person, or any information and element that encourages harassment or harassment against a minority group, or praises and promotes any illegal and legal acts involving and encouraging sexual and violent under 18 years of age. all kinds of information and publications or any software programs or other tools and elements that constitute a violation and infringement of others’ personal, moral and copyright in any information and publication or content intended to produce, sell and buy firearms.

Medya Grup has the authority to refuse and prohibit all kinds of additions, access, linking or adding and linking by other websites that contain the contents listed in the paragraph above, and in this case, as the user of the Media Group, you as a user add the links and links that contain such content. You agree to remove it from the website.

4- Security
As information exchange on the internet is not generally secure, it is recommended to be careful with your information exchange on the internet, and Medya Grup cannot guarantee the security of your communication, personal and other information within the site or against the capture of your information by third parties, It does not.

5- General
If the user expressly or implicitly violates this contract, the Media Group’s permission or waiver of violation of this contract by Media Group does not mean that you have been permitted by the Media Group against your violations of this and other similar contractual terms or waived your rights against such other violations. .

6- Property Right
Although it is not limited to the ones published on this website or accessible through the website and listed here; all news, text, text, article, photo, image, picture, sound clip, software program, computer code, collectively, this website content belongs to the Media Group and / or the parties licensing or authorized to provide it. is under the protection of Turkish and foreign intellectual property law and other relevant laws. In addition, the content of this website is protected by Turkish and foreign copyright law on processing and compilation. The user must also comply with any additional notices, warnings and restrictions regarding copyrights related to the content available on or on the website. Any use, duplication, modification, translation, dissemination, distortion, public display, display, upload, posting on the internet, transmission, re-not made expressly in this contract and without the express and written permission of Medya Grup. it is forbidden to use the website or any of its content as a whole or in part and use it in transmission or distribution or other forms. The Media Group is not limited to those listed in this paragraph; newspaper director, news, news, jokes, short articles, columns, photographs, images, images, sound clips, software programs, computer codes, collectively, FSEK m. It has 36 copyright rights. The specified elements cannot be used without permission, even if the source is cited.

7- Limitation of Liability
Depending on the law to be applied, Media Group, executives, managers, employees, branches and agents, or their successors or their successors, respectively, without any limitation, including, but not limited to, under any terms and conditions, transfer and assignment areas; They cannot be held responsible for any incidental, special, direct or indirect damages and losses or unjust acts, regardless of any loss and loss, commercial business loss, loss of data and profit, or violation or negligence of this contract. The Media Group will not be held responsible even if it knows or needs to know or know that the losses and damages mentioned in this paragraph will occur or may occur.

Under no circumstances and conditions, the Media Group, its managers, managers, employees, branches and agents, licensors or their successors or substitutes respectively, transfer and assignment from them, from the negligence in the protection of the Media Group or user, user password and account information. is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur.

Medya Grup declares that it does not expressly accept any responsibility for the actions, errors and omissions and behaviors of the sponsors, advertisers and third parties on the website, either jointly or alone. In addition, under no registration and condition, Media Group, managers, managers, employees, branches and agencies licensors; not limited to those listed here; (a) the actions, negligence and behavior of third parties using the website; and (b) the use or inability to use the content, goods and services, any similar items, software and programs on the website or the websites linked from this website. cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses, losses, damages and expenses that may occur.

Media Group, managers, managers, employees, branches and agents, licensors or their successors, or their successors, due to any damage, loss, expense and loss arising from any third party, purchase of goods and services or any use from this website or via the website. You are deemed to have accepted that you cannot be held liable for the transfer and assignment of the substitutes themselves and that you will not make any claims as a user in these matters.

8- Software Programs License Right
All software placed on the website, recorded, all computer codes without limitation, all files and images contained or placed therein or created by these computer software (“software”) are protected by copyright and related laws. The ownership of all these mentioned software belongs to Medya Grup or its licensors or other authorized persons who own the software. The right to access and use the software on the website under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement is granted to you, and in addition, other terms and conditions may be envisaged for access and use of such software.
If this website is provided for your use to download the software program, provided that it complies with the terms written in this contract and the terms related to the use of software (software) other than this contract unless otherwise agreed; personally, with a non-transferable and non-exclusive license
(a) a copy of this software may be installed and run on a computer that does not have a network connection, provided that it is not for personal and commercial purposes;
(b) A copy may be made, if necessary, under reasonable and appropriate conditions, within the limits allowed by law.

Except as expressly permitted in this contract, the user may use the software programs as a whole or in part;
(a) use, duplicate, correct, translate, adapt, upload, download and transmit;
(b) may not issue, alter, or store proprietary notices regarding trademarks specified in software programs;
(c) sell, lease, license, transfer, or otherwise access;
(d) cannot disassemble, extract, decompile, decode and crack, reverse engineer the software program, or assist others in this regard. All software programs placed on this website are available for your use as such and no express or implied warranties or warranties regarding these programs are provided. Nothing on this website does not grant the user any right, title, interest or any license, nor does it provide any intellectual property rights or similar rights over software programs on the website or software programs downloaded through the website.

9- Registration Conditions on the Website
You may be asked to register and become a member to use some parts of this website. In this case, you need to provide the information requested from you for registration and membership or the information requested in the registration and member form given to you correctly, believably, reliably and fully and update this information in a timely manner. If Media Group has reasonable reasons to suspect the accuracy, credibility, reliability and timeliness of the information you provide, it may suspend or completely block your use and access to the website.

10- Termination
Media Group may prevent your use or access to the website at any time and without any warning or warning, if it deems appropriate and without giving any reason. In addition, if you violate the terms and conditions set forth in this contract, the Media may block your access and use to the whole or any part of the website.

11- Use of Brands
The use of certain brands and other distinguished names and / or marks on this website does not imply any relationship or license agreement between them and the Media Group, or Media Group has approved the goods, services and transactions of those third parties. Nothing in the content of this website, unless the media group or intellectual property owner has the written consent of the relevant third parties, has any right to use the user, Medya Group or third parties’ trademark, distinctive names and signs, logos and designs and similar intellectual property rights, or does not license.

12- Using the Website and Additions
This website may offer you the opportunity to add messages and different content to the site, to upload files, documents and similar items (“additions to the site”) to communicate with Medya Grup and other users. When using such a facility given to you on the website, those listed in this paragraph are prohibited:
(a) Saving on the website on a subject that is at the discretion and management of the Media Group, or preventing, restricting, preventing, interfering or attempting in this direction, preventing the website from working regularly or using and using others’ website;
(b) all kinds of information, the content of which is unlawful, intimidating, threatening, insulting, unethical, indecent, unprotective, pornographic, humiliating, defamatory, abusive, smudging and similar.
(c) provided that it is not limited to what is listed here, will constitute a crime, or be criminal, or contrary to national and international law, or infringes on personal rights of others, infringes on private and public rights, or intellectual property law and other related law. All kinds of articles, images, images, images, photographs, news, software that are infringing and infringing against copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights protected by the author, without the permission of the author, program or similar elements; or
(d) hatching, hatred, racism, bigotry, all kinds of messages, additions, and publications that promote any physical rape against others or may be harmful to minors, promote offensive, aggressive or offensive to others;
(e) Instructing young people under the age of 18 to violence and sexuality, promoting or providing educational information about activities against the law, informing about the production, how they are made, how they are sold, and how they are sold.
(f) requesting and retrieving the password and personal information of those who use the website to give it to other users and for commercial or other illegal purposes;
(g) any messages, additions, or downloads that contain or create virus or harmful spam
(h) sending unsolicited e-mail, chain letters, intruders, or e-mails;
(i) using the website for commercial purposes, advertising, selling, leaving messages, adding or uploading messages related to commercial activity. , you agree to grant irrevocable and royalty-free permissions and licenses. The permission and license rights in question are the use, dissemination, reproduction, modification, correction, adaptation, storage, processing and compilation of works, distribution, transmission, retransmission of all kinds of messages and publications and other elements you leave, upload, add, or add to this website. includes the right to enforce, display and other similar rights in public, as well as the right to license others for such rights. Users who leave messages on this website and make any additions and uploads also agree that they have waived all their moral rights in favor of Medya Grup.
Although Medya Grup reserves the right to change, remove and restrict the messages, additions and uploads left by the users without any justification, users also agree that the information required by law or requested by the courts or public institutions shall be given to the relevant institutions and authorities by the Media Group or disclosed to the public. they are considered

Any user messages, publications, and similar additions posted on this website reflect the views of the person concerned, and the Media Group is not responsible for such opinions and ideas, and related messages, additions and downloads, and any other content, and to investigate any complaints about this website. and is not obliged to conclude.

13- Online Trade
This website may offer the opportunity to purchase different types of goods and services offered by Medya Group online-online. When you want to place an order to purchase goods and services on the website, correct, reliable, complete and exactly necessary personal information; you need to provide your name, surname, phone number, credit card information, e-mail address and the address to which your order will be delivered.

In cases where the price is wrong or the price information is stated incorrectly due to the price in the list of goods and services offered for sale on the website or due to printing and printing errors, the Media Group always has the right to refuse your order. In addition, if the goods and services stated on the website are available in stocks, the prices of the goods and services can always be changed unilaterally and without any reason.

Your order request submitted to the website is valid for a reasonable period of time, unless the acceptance is accepted and otherwise agreed by us, but if the goods and services are sent to you, your acceptance is deemed accepted. The electronic receipt form that you have does not mean that your order has been accepted unless you have an order confirmation receipt sent to you by Medya Group. Medya Grup reserves the right to accept or reject your order at any time for any reason.

This website may offer you the opportunity to purchase various types of goods and services offered by third parties (third party commodities). In this case, Medya Group does not bear any responsibility for the legality, quality, timeliness, accuracy, reliability and other issues of third party commodities. As a result of referring to the websites that provide or link to this website, such information is received by such third parties and not by Media Group when ordering to purchase such third-party commodities or when giving personal information and account information to third parties and this You acknowledge that the Media Group does not bear any responsibility in all matters.

Media Group, its employees, managers and managers, agents, successors and substitutes for any damages, losses, expenses and similar losses that may occur in the purchases of third party commodities that you will make from this website or from other websites that this website has access to or linked to. passers cannot be held responsible and no claims can be made against them.

14- Not Recommended
The information on this website is provided for informing the user only; it is not in the nature of giving advice on legal, medical, financial, investment, tax, accounting and other similar matters. It is not recommended to take any action relying on the information published on this website.

15- Password
For some special uses mentioned on this website, you may need to get a username and password through the member and registration system on the website. It is your responsibility to keep the password and username in question, and when you learn about any unauthorized use of your password or account, you should immediately inform Media Group and log out safely whenever you log out of the user account on the website. Any loss, loss and expense arising from the failure to protect your password and account due to your negligence by Media Group or you. Media Group is not responsible.

16- Notice and Notification in Unauthorized Use and Rape Cases
Notices and notifications regarding unauthorized use and rape on copyright issues can be made to In the face of notices and notifications, the Media Group immediately evaluates and investigates such notices and takes all necessary measures and initiates transactions.

In order to be more effective, notifications and notices regarding unauthorized use and rape should be made in the following ways.

1. Identification of the copyright allegedly used on the website without permission
2. Signature of the authorized person who made the notice and notification on behalf of the copyright owner who was allegedly infringed.
3. Written declaration that the copyright owner or the person or agent licensed by him or her licensed does not consent to the use of such copyright in any way that the person making the notice and notification claims unauthorized use and rape.
4. Necessary and sufficient contact information (phone number, address, e-mail, etc.) in order to reach the notification and notification party.
5. Declaration that the information provided by the person giving the notice and notification is correct and reliable, that he / she may be under criminal liability for false and false statements and that he has the authority to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright in question.

17- Applicable Law
This website (except the websites of third parties linked via this website) is controlled and administered by AHS Media If you access or use this website, the law to be applied in solving problems related to the content of the website and issues related to your access and use is Turkish Law, and Istanbul courts are authorized.