Water scarcity may occur in Istanbul: Expert

Water scarcity may occur in Istanbul: Expert


The water level in Istanbul’s dams declined as much as 25 percent from a year ago as the city, home to some 16 million people, is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the latest data, the water level in Istanbul’s dams fell to around 64 percent of their capacity compared with 85 percent a year earlier.

Experts warn that water shortages may occur in August and September in the metropolis if there is not enough rainfall in the coming weeks.

“All hopes depend on the water Melen Creek will accumulate. There may be a problem like August-September, but if we pay attention, maybe we can eliminate this problem,” said Meriç Albay, the dean of the Water Sciences Department at the Istanbul University.

Stressing the possibility of evaporation and drought, Albay warned the residents of the city to use water more economically.

Noting that water use has increased due to COVID-19 pandemic, Albay said that water consumption per individual has increased because personal hygiene is the most effective protection against the virus.

The only consolation of experts is that the water use in the industrial sector and workplaces has decreased as many people began working from home due to the pandemic, according to Albay.

As the fullest dam of Istanbul is the Darlık Dam with 96.30 percent water level, the dam with the least water is Pabuçdere with a 2.67 percent rate.