Two treasure hunters die due to leaking gas from generator

Two treasure hunters die due to leaking gas from generator


Five people who had gone down a well for treasure hunting near an ancient city in the Selçuk district of the western province of İzmir got poisoned by leaking gas from a generator where two died on late Sept. 14.

According to locals, five friends went down the well with a 13-meter depth, with a generator in the region of the Castle of Hercules near the ancient city of Ephesus for illegal excavation.

“There are three people inside the well,” said the illegal excavators, calling the officials for help.

Two of the friends, who got exposed to carbon monoxide gas that leaked from the generator, became critically ill and were immediately rushed to hospital.

Gendarmerie, firefighters, health workers, and teams from the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) started the rescue mission late on Sept. 14.

The bodies of 61-year-old Altan Adnan Sarıbaş and 36-year-old Masum Yenidünya, who lost their lives, were found by the teams. The other man who was in critical condition has been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Local officials have started an investigation into the incident.