Two more cities make masks in public mandatory

Two more cities make masks in public mandatory


Two more provinces have joined a list of Turkish cities that have made wearing face masks mandatory in public, as the country began reopening and easing measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak on June 1.

The eastern Aegean province of Kütahya and the eastern province of Kars have made it mandatory to its residences to wear face masks in public.

With those two provinces, the number of provinces in Turkey which made the use of face masks obligatory has risen to 38.

“Wearing masks in public areas like squares, streets, parks, gardens, agricultural areas, public transport, and offices is compulsory as of June 3. Those who do not comply will be fined,” said statements issued by the governor’s offices in the respective provinces.

The decision was made by the local public hygiene boards. Those who go out without a face mask will be fined.

After three months of strict curbs, travel bans and curfews on weekends, Turkey rolled out on June 1 its plan to move towards the “new normal” amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Under the new normal, domestic flights started, shopping malls, sports halls, mosques, day care centers and restaurants reopened, and travel bans were lifted.

However, a curfew for children under 18 and elderly aged above 65 remains in effect.

Elderly can only go out on Sundays. Teens are allowed to leave their homes two days a week, Wednesdays and Fridays.