Turkish designer as fashion arbiter of men’s clothing in US

Turkish designer as fashion arbiter of men’s clothing in US


Turkish menswear originator Peyman Umay, who was in 2017 given the Rising Star grant by Fashion Group International (FGI), which is viewed as the “Brilliant Globe” of New York design, was as of late highlighted on the pages of Forbes magazine.

He is applauded for mixing European and American components in his visionary assortment and has numerous Hollywood big names who respect his plans.

“As self-articulation turns into a pattern, Peyman Umay conveys men’s design to the 21st century,” composes Joseph DeAcetis in his article on the reshaping of men’s style with the impact of online entertainment.




“Age Z needs to reconsider clothing. Very much like all ages that preceded it. Orientation based attire origination is a long ways behind. With the self-articulation peculiarity, singularity has gotten a handle on both world and U.S. design like never before previously. This Turkish planner is reshaping the design world,” he says.

As per the Forbes essayist, Umay adds to form in numerous ways. “The shading range utilized by Umay is a complex type of advancement. Balanced suits are fantastic. He mixes the class of Europe with the way of life of the U.S. effectively,” DeAcetis proceeds to say.

Sent off as of late, “AY” by Peyman Umay has figured out how to attract the consideration of the world a brief timeframe. “Individuals don’t contemplate the force of the garments they wear. The garments represent you without saying anything. Dressing great is more than having a wardrobe of extravagant garments, or purchasing new season brand garments. I think dressing great is a decent lifestyle choice, such as finishing a spot … A fashionable individual is somebody who realizes body extents and tones that suit them,” said Umay after the article was distributed.

Subsequent to working with different marks in Turkey, he intends to send off his image in the country.

“We have arranged an assortment of more cutting edge, bohemian and decisive pieces. This assortment made its introduction in Mexico. It pulled in heaps of individuals and we chose to forge ahead with that line. I have been living in the U.S. for around 15 years. I was brought into the world in Turkey and my image will be sold in my own country interestingly this spring-summer season. Additionally, my assortment will be sold in Mykonos and Ibiza. This large number of improvements are exceptionally energizing,” he said.