Turkey not seeking military solution in Libya: Presidential spokesperson

Turkey not seeking military solution in Libya: Presidential spokesperson


Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın reiterated that Turkey is not in favor of a military solution to the Libyan question, supporting ideas for the creation of a de-militarized zone around Sirte.

“We don’t prefer a military solution in any part of Libya, and we say on every occasion that we don’t want the continuation of the armed conflict,” Kalın told Qatar-based Al Jazeera in an interview.

The motive behind the Turkish presence in Libya is to support a political process started with some countries for peace in the war-torn country, Kalın stated, citing Egypt as the neighbor of Libya with a potential to contribute there.

“What worries us is the deployment of Wagner mercenaries by Russia and the United Arab Emirates’ transfer of mercenaries from Sudan, Niger and Chad,” the presidential spokesperson said.

On ideas of creating a de-militarized zone in Sirte and Jufra, Kalın said Turkey will support it and the Libyan GNA endorses it, too. “But this must be carried out in a fair and transparent way. These cities can create a window of opportunity for a political solution.”

Kalın also stressed that Turkey and Russia can cooperate in Libya as they have long been doing it for long in Syria. “Although Russia denies, its support to Haftar in Libya is obvious,” he said, informing that Moscow is aiming to mediate between Sarraj and Haftar.