Turkey holds potential to create its own Silicon Valley: Erdoğan

Turkey holds potential to create its own Silicon Valley: Erdoğan


“I am declaring the next period as a digital mobilization period,” Erdoğan told the Forum Metaverse.

“The potential of our country is at a level to create its own Silicon Valley,” the president added.

“Since there is a growing economic and digital culture, it is not possible to solve the problems emerging without establishing a digital legal order that all countries will accept with consensus and stand behind,” Erdoğan noted, saying that projects relating to the metaverse and 3.0 are just one of the channels that are built on a much more comprehensive, much more complex technological transformation.

“This process requires the rapid construction and dissemination of new infrastructure technologies and investments such as 5G and 6G,” he said.

Erdoğan said that “our duty is to prepare our own people, our youth, for this inevitable future in the most correct, safe and powerful way. The more costly infrastructure preparation of technology is, the more content production is an equally strategic critical vital aspect of the business.”

In addition to producing the infrastructure of technology, Erdoğan said, “we want to create platforms that create content that can be used by ourselves first and then by our domain and ultimately the whole world.”

The legal and moral dispositions of social media platforms, which have become similar to cartels, alone are the most concrete expression of the fact that we must draw our own path in this field, Erdoğan said.