Turkey believes ‘Libya belongs to Libyans’: Communications director

Turkey believes ‘Libya belongs to Libyans’: Communications director


Turkey acts in principle that “Libya belongs to Libyans,” Presidential Communications Director Fahrettun Altun said on Aug.4.

“Our aim is an independent sovereign and prosperous Libya, led by the National Consensus Government, embracing all Libyans, ensured with territorial integrity and national unity,” he tweeted on Aug. 4.

On the other hand, the Defense Ministry denounced a recent statement by Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry which criticized remarks made by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and called on the Abu Dhabi administration and the governments that support it to “commonsense” for their policies in the region.

“It is unfortunate to define the destabilizing activities, which are carried out by the Abu Dhabi administration in the regions such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, which violates the universal rules and moral values, especially the United Nations Convention, as constructive,” said the ministry in a written statement on Aug. 3.
It is “unfortunate and futile” to reflect Turkey’s just reaction to these activities as if it were towards “our Arab brothers,” said the ministry.

The statement by Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry on Akar’s response to questions during an interview with Al Jazeera TV broadcast on July 31 “does not reflect the truth,” the ministry said.

Akar told Al Jazeera on July 31 that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has committed malicious acts in Syria and Libya and the UAE will be held accountable at the right place and time.

On Aug. 2, Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry described Akar’s statement as “hostile” and an “unacceptable provocation.”
Referring to countries that support warlord Khalifa Haftar in Libya, the ministry said regional peace, stability and security can only be defended by standing with law and legitimacy, not with “putschists.”

Noting that relations between Turkey and Libya date back to over 500 years, it said Turkey acts with the principle of “Libya is Libyan” and Turkey’s aim is an independent and sovereign Libya led by the U.N.-recognized government.

Turkey will decisively continue to provide military training, assistance and consulting to the Libyan government, it added.

“Abu Dhabi does what it does in Libya, does what it does in Syria. All of it is being recorded. At the right place and time, the accounts will be settled,” Defense Minister Akar said in the interview.

“It is necessary to ask Abu Dhabi, where this hostility, where these intentions, where this jealousy comes from,” he said.

Tensions have been steadily rising in the Libyan conflict in recent weeks, with Egypt saying it would launch a military intervention if GNA forces try to capture their next target – the coastal city of Sirte currently held by Haftar’s troops.

The Libyan conflict has worsened ties between Ankara and Abu Dhabi, whose relations have also been hit by escalating regional rivalries and Turkey’s support of Qatar in the Saudi-led conflict there.