Displaying ‘Z’ symbol could be criminal act in Germany: Ministry

Displaying ‘Z’ symbol could be criminal act in Germany: Ministry


People who show the letter “Z” in Germany to represent support for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine could be responsible for indictment, an Interior Ministry representative said on Monday.

The inside serve for the territory of Berlin said before that city specialists would hop on instances of the Z image being utilized to underwrite Russia’s hostility, following declarations by Bavaria and Lower Saxony that they also would rebuff such demonstrations.



A representative for the national government’s Interior Ministry told columnists: “The letter Z as such is obviously not taboo, yet its utilization may in individual cases comprise a support of the Russian conflict of animosity.”

The letter Z has been utilized as a checking on Russian military vehicles partaking in the contention and has been embraced by Russians supporting the conflict, with it being unmistakable on banners and at favorable to Kremlin rallies.

“The Russian conflict of animosity on the Ukraine is a crook act, and whoever openly supports this conflict of hostility can likewise make himself responsible to arraignment,” the Interior Ministry representative told a customary government news gathering.

“The government security specialists have an eye on this, and in this regard we invite the declaration that few bureaucratic states will likewise inspect in individual cases whether this could be a lawbreaker act and to make a move in like manner,” he said.