Aselsan’s electro-optic systems serve as Turkish navy’s eyes

Aselsan’s electro-optic systems serve as Turkish navy’s eyes


Turkey’s maritime stages, which are fundamental for the security of the oceans encompassing the country, otherwise called the “Blue Homeland,” will profit from upgraded reconnaissance with new locally evolved electro-optical frameworks.

The nearby protection goliath Aselsan has been growing such electro-optical frameworks with unrivaled capacities through investigations on the plan and creation of warm frameworks, laser rangefinders, laser pointers, laser cautioning frameworks, day vision cameras and night vision gadgets with picture intensifiers.

Until as of late, the requirement for marine electro-optical frameworks was met by adjusting the arrangements produced for land and air stages to marine vehicles. Nonetheless, this brought about restricted execution of the frameworks adrift.

Also, because of the predetermined number of makers on the planet in this field, significant expenses and long conveyance times were experienced in the acquirement of the required frameworks, where the Turkish protection goliath entered the game.

The organization has at first begun attempting to make a Denizgözü item family in the field of electro-optical frameworks in 2014.

Created with homegrown capacities in a brief time frame, superior execution electro-optical items, for example, Ahtapot, Kırlangıç, Orfoz and Martı started to serve in various sorts of marine vehicles, from boats to Turkey’s banner boat to-be, the Anadolu.

The frameworks at present utilized in six enormous boats, around 50 boats and automated ocean vehicles are used for port safeguard purposes.

In the mean time, Aselsan has begun to make answers for submarines too, following the ones produced for above-water components.

Because of the examinations, the organization fostered an item family to cover submarine, surface and beach front reconnaissance needs. Starting around 2022, it has arrived where most extreme advantage is being acquired from the innovative work (R&D) and innovation advancement concentrates on did in this field.

AUSVs next
The safeguard monster has now begun to zero in on arrangements that will address the issues of heavily clad automated surface vessel (AUSV).

With the fast improvement in outfitted and unarmed automated maritime vehicles, electro-optical frameworks are required that can serve in these vehicles.

Four consortiums are working in Turkey for observation reconnaissance and automated maritime vehicles that can connect with foe components.

Aselsan, which offers the Denizgözü-Swallow electro-optical observation and reconnaissance framework for AUSVs, plans to present the marine sort of CATS in automated aeronautical vehicles (UAVs) utilized abroad to the country with its self-obtained R&D project.