Afghan migrant killed by Greek forces at border, Turkey says

Afghan migrant killed by Greek forces at border, Turkey says


An Afghan resident endeavoring to cross the Turkish-Greek line wrongfully was shot and lethally injured by Greek boundary monitors on Monday, the Turkish line watch said.

Military police in Meriç, a boundary region close to the Maritsa (Meriç) River in northeastern Turkey’s Edirne territory, affirmed the passing to Agence France-Presse (AFP) yet didn’t remark on different subtleties of the occurrence revealed in Turkish media.

As indicated by Demirören News Agency (DHA), the dead man was one of eight individuals attempting to cross from Turkey into Greece, the doorway to the European Union.

“Security powers on the Greek side started shooting at a gathering of Afghan settlers who needed to illicitly cross the line. One individual … was truly harmed” and later kicked the bucket in clinic, DHA announced.

An enquiry has been opened into the occurrence, the news organization added.

In the mean time, Greece on Monday dismissed a U.N. report asserting that its line powers had illicitly repulsed huge number of refuge searchers throughout recent years.

“The report … did not depend on essential exploration however imitates more seasoned discoveries by the (U.N. displaced person organization), unfamiliar media reports and the suggestions of nongovernmental associations,” a Greek movement service source said.

The service source added that such cases are “as of now being scrutinized with regards to their legitimacy” however demanded that previous checks had up to this point “never affirmed unlawful activities (by Greece) while monitoring its lines.”

“The Greek coast watchman and Greek police consistently save individuals whose life is in danger adrift and land borders,” the source added.

The U.N’s. extraordinary rapporteur on the basic liberties of transients, Felipe Gonzalez Morales, had prior shared the report saying that “in Greece, pushbacks at land and ocean borders have become accepted general strategy.”

“UNHCR has recorded very nearly 540 separate occurrences during the period 2020-2021, 40 affecting no less than 17,000 individuals who were purportedly returned forcibly, casually, to Turkey,” said the report, which will be officially introduced on June 23.

“The Special Rapporteur reasons that pushbacks stay the accepted general approach in many states and proceed to truly hinder the happiness regarding the basic liberties of travelers who cross global lines,” the report said.

Turkey and Greece have been key travel focuses for transients planning to cross into Europe, escaping war and abuse to begin new lives. The excursion of expectation for unpredictable travelers either finishes in the blue waters of the Aegean or transforms into a bad dream because of the coldhearted acts of Greek coast monitor units. As of late, countless refuge searchers have made the short however risky excursion across the Aegean to arrive at Northern and Western Europe looking for a superior life. Many individuals have passed on adrift as many boats conveying evacuees frequently sink or upset. The Turkish Coast Guard Command has saved a large number of others.

Turkey and numerous worldwide basic freedoms bunches have blamed Greece for enormous scope pushbacks and outline removals without travelers being given admittance to refuge methodology, saying it abuses philanthropic qualities and global regulation by jeopardizing the existences of weak transients, including ladies and youngsters. They likewise blame the European Union for choosing not to see this unmitigated maltreatment of basic freedoms.

Greece regularly rejects that its line powers participate in unlawful pushbacks, notwithstanding rehashed cases going against the norm by freedoms gatherings and haven searchers.

Privileges bunches have likewise more than once blamed EU line office Frontex for illicitly returning transients across EU borders.

The Greek government last week declined to remark on the abdication of Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri in April in the midst of an examination by the European Anti-Fraud Office, apparently into supposed bungle.

“(Greece) has nothing to notice,” government representative Yannis Economou said Thursday.

Frontex has over and over been blamed by help bunches for illicitly returning travelers across EU borders – or of deliberately ignoring when public specialists themselves completed such “pushbacks.”

Greece’s territory and ocean borders with Turkey have been a significant focal point of such claims.