Britain’s Turner Prize cancelled, 10 artists to share grants

Britain’s Turner Prize cancelled, 10 artists to share grants


London’s Tate Museum on May 26 cancelled this year’s Turner Prize because of the coronavirus and said it will award 10,000 grants to 10 deserving British artists instead.

Judges would have traditionally announced a short-list for the prestigious competition this month and revealed the winner — and awarded an accompanying 25,000 ($30,800, 28,100 euro) prize — in December.

But Tate Britain said “the tight timetable for preparing the annual exhibition would not have been achievable under the present restrictions.”

“The decision was made to help support a larger selection of artists through this period of profound disruption and uncertainty,” the museum said in a statement.

The 10 joint winners will be selected at the end of June.

Tate Britain Director Alex Farquharson said lockdowns aimed at fighting the spread of the virus were causing enormous stress for artists because most galleries have been closed for months.

“We have decided to help support even more artists during this exceptionally difficult time,” he said.

Last year’s Turner Prize was awarded to self-taught London artist Tai Shani for performance art pieces and sculptural installations that “explore ‘feminine’ subjectivity and experience”.