What are the lockdown rules for caring for children?

What are the lockdown rules for caring for children?


Boris Johnson’s top adviser has faced calls to resign after travelling 260 miles during lockdown in order to get help looking after his child.

Downing Street says Dominic Cummings’ actions were in line with coronavirus guidelines. So, what are the rules and how have they been applied?

What is the relevant coronavirus guidance?
Government advice for households where one or more members have coronavirus symptoms is simple – stay at home.

Official guidance published in March says “it is very important that individuals with symptoms that may be due to coronavirus and their household members stay at home”. This still applies.

The guidance outlines ways to pass the time and obtain food and medicine.

However, it does acknowledge that it is not always straightforward when children are involved.

It says: “If you have children, keep following this advice to the best of your ability, however, we are aware that not all these measures will be possible.”