The view from Downing Street

The view from Downing Street


I don’t know for sure if Dominic Cummings is meeting the prime minister now, but I do know that both of them are in No 10.

The PM is working from Downing Street this weekend. Dominic Cummings’ car is still here.

Mr Cummings has been in there for three hours, so clearly something is going on in there. But we are not sure whether it’s crisis talks over what Mr Cummings has actually been up to – whether he broke or bent the guidance over staying at home if you have coronavirus – or if he’s just in for a normal weekend.

But this is anything but a normal weekend for the Downing Street operation.

The last thing they want to be talking about at the moment is whether one of the top aides to the PM has broken the rules.

It’s a really crucial week coming up in the UK. The cabinet is meeting tomorrow to discuss whether it can start moving to the next phase of the response to coronavirus, which would see schools starting to return, which might see some non-essential shops open up.

That’s what Boris Johnson wants to be concentrating on.

Instead, there’s this furore over Mr Cummings and a lot of pressure building on Mr Johnson and the Downing Street operation to basically make a decision and potentially to sack Mr Cummings.