‘Full explanation’ needed over Cummings claims, Labour says

‘Full explanation’ needed over Cummings claims, Labour says


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson should provide a “full explanation” over claims his chief aide broke lockdown travel rules, Labour’s shadow health secretary has said.

Jonathan Ashworth told the BBC that the government’s response so far “had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese”.

He said people had been told to stay at home to protect themselves and others from the “deadly, deadly virus which spreads with speed”.

“[Cummings’] behaviour is utterly irresponsible. He has undermined that rule, as have a whole chorus of cabinet ministers, including the health secretary, extraordinarily, undermined that public health rule which is about keeping people safe.”

On Saturday, a number of cabinet ministers tweeted their support for Cummings over claims he broke lockdown rules by travelling 260 miles with his wife, who had Covid-19 symptoms, and child in order to get childcare.

“This is difficult for so many people and yet Mr Cummings, Boris Johnson’s right-hand man, has completely disregarded that rule”, he added.