Travel firms adopt the brace position

Travel firms adopt the brace position


From airlines to coach holidays, the travel industry has been at the leading edge of the economic crisis, and it’s now moving into a grim new phase.
There’s pushback against quarantine rules for those on inbound flights and at the tourism sector being put in the later stages of eased lockdown plans.
The collapse of one of Britain’s big domestic coach operators will hit hard in seasonal, tourist-dependent towns, and it doesn’t look like being an unusual case.
The travel industry has led the way into the Covid economic crisis from the start. With the demise of Shearings and Wallace Arnold coach holidays, it’s now showing signs of leading into the next stage – of corporate collapse and job losses, exacerbated by government choices around quarantine and easing of lockdown.

The mood music from across travel – international and domestic tourism – is of increasing desperation and frustration.

It was, of course, aircraft that spread the infection. Taking people home from ski holidays in Italy, air travel spread it across Europe.

Since then, aviation has largely been grounded. Its eagerness to get back into the air is facing major obstacles as governments place the onus on airlines and airports to do the health checks.