McDonald’s and Burger King detail reopening plans

McDonald’s and Burger King detail reopening plans


Fast-food giant McDonald’s has said it hopes to reopen all of its drive-through outlets in the UK and Ireland by early June.

Meanwhile, rival Burger King UK will offer delivery or drive-through service from 350 restaurants by 30 June.

The move comes as the government released new coronavirus guidance encouraging people to return to work if safe.

The fast food chains say service will be slower due to safety precautions.

McDonald’s will start by offering delivery only from 15 restaurants from Wednesday, and re-opening 30 drive-throughs from next week.

For this week, restaurants and their car parks remain closed, so customers have to order using the Uber Eats app.

The chain will have a limited menu with a maximum spend of £25 per order or per car, and contactless payments are encouraged.

McDonald’s also warned customers that service “will not be as quick as you might be used to”.

The restaurant chain told the BBC it has placed a £25 cap on orders because of social distancing: “During our pilot phases while we test our new safety procedures, we will temporarily limit order sizes to allow us to meet customer demand as we will operate with fewer employees in our kitchens to enable social distancing.”