Fishery production up 33.1% in 2019

Fishery production up 33.1% in 2019


Fishery production in Turkey posted a 33.1% increase last year on an annual basis, the country’s statistical office said on June 5.

The fishery production reached 836,524 tons in 2019, according to TÜİK figures.

“The total fishery production was composed of catched sea fish by 44.8%, catched other sea products by 6.8%, catched inland water products by 3.8% and aquaculture products by 44.6%,” it noted.

The production made by capture was 463,168 tons, while aquaculture production was 373,356 tons, the institute said.

“The capture of marine production increased by 52% and the capture of inland water production increased by 4.8% with respect to the previous year.”

Among sea fishes, the highest amount of fish is anchovy with 262,544 tones, sprat followed it with 38,078 tons and pilchard with 19,119 tons.

Last year, fishery products’ average consumption per capita rose 2% to 6.26 kilograms, TÜİK said.

The average consumption per capita is around 20 kilograms on a global scale, according to an OECD report.